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Supplemental Supplies

Since 1895, when the District’s predecessor the Mousam Water Company was formed, Branch Brook has been our primary source of supply. Until 1980, when our peak daily water demand had risen to 4 MGD, it had been our only source of supply. At that time, the District installed several miles of transmission main through the Town of Arundel, from Kennebunk to Biddeford, allowing for the first time the bulk purchase of finished water from another utility. The contract with the Biddeford & Saco Water Company allowed for the purchase of up to one million gallons (MGD) of finished water per day.

By 2002 our peak demand had steadily increased to 7 MGD. At that time we entered into a mutual aid agreement with the York Water District (For more information see The York Interconnection). This agreement allows for the bulk purchase of 1 MGD. During the past few years we have been aggressively pursuing additional sources of supply, both unfinished (from wells) and finished, from other utilities. (For more information, see Growth and Water Supply)

Our most promising medium-term, high-quality supplemental supply is from the development of groundwater wells. As of the summer of 2007, we have developed a seasonal, supplemental groundwater source of approximately 3 MGD.

In addition to these alternative sources, we also have our eyes set on our area’s long-term water supply needs (For more information, see Regional Water Supply and Water,Water, Everywhere?) Whatever future supplies are utilized, our goal will be to assure that our customers will be served by the most economical and highest quality of water available.