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2023 Summer Main Reminder

Spring Turn On- 

Weather permitting expect to have all the Summer Mains (shallow water mains) turned on and sampled by April 15, 2023, with all of the meters to being set by the following Friday, April 21, 2023.  KKW will be setting ALL summer line meters from this season forward.  Once KKW has installed the meter, you are free to restore the water service.  

Fall Turn Off-  

One week after Columbus Day (the following Monday) we will begin the turn off process.  KKW will remove all meters, in doing so, will create better efficiency in handling the meters.  If you plan on shutting down before one week after Columbus Day-  LEAVE THE METER IN PLACE!!   Shut the valve before the meter and remove the house side only to conduct the shutdown process.  

Thank you for your assistance with this process.