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Metering Policy

Metering Policy for Multi-Unit Developments
Amended January 24, 2007

The Trustees of the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District (the “District”) adopt this metering policy for application to units in multi-unit developments in the District’s service territory. With the specific exception of hotels and motels and as otherwise specifically excluded herein, this policy applies to all multi-unit developments, including condominiums, apartments, mobile home parks, cottages, commercial and retail units and other similar units within residential and commercial developments. This policy also applies to all conversions of an existing building or buildings to multi-unit residential or commercial developments. The purpose of this policy is to promote water conservation, to bill customers based upon their individual water usage and to ensure fairness in collection.

The District’s policy is to require that each residential or commercial unit in a multi-unit development be individually metered, including units in a single building and units in multiple buildings in a larger development. In most cases the water service shall remain private and it shall be owned and maintained by the owner of the multi-unit development complex or building, or in the case of a condominium development by the condominium association. Design and construction of the system, including the sizing, location and installation of meters, associated valves and backflow prevention devices shall comply with all District specifications and construction standards. 

In the case of multi-unit, time-share developments, each unit shall be individually metered, but all meters within the same time-share development complex shall be billed to the complex owner, association, corporation or other responsible entity.

As an exception to this policy, the District will consider, on a case by case basis, at the request of the owner(s), the master metering of multi-unit or multi-site campgrounds and RV parks that are principally used by transient campers or guests utilizing mobile tents, campers, recreational vehicles, motor homes or similar equipment that is easily moved from a site and is not designed or used for long-term use at a single site. Campgrounds and RV parks that are master metered and subsequently add or convert individual sites or units to non-transient or long-term use shall have all such sites or units individually metered.