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Meter Vault Policy

Water Meter Ground Vaults (Boxes) Policy
Issued October 17, 1984

In accordance with Public Utilities Commission regulations, the customer is responsible for providing a warm, dry and accessible location for the water meter. However, if a suitable location for a meter inside the building is not available or if for other reasons it is necessary to locate the meter outside the building, the utility may require the customer to provide and maintain a suitable underground water meter vault.

The Water District will furnish and install the meter, but the cost of furnishing and installing the meter vault in accordance with accepted construction standards shall be borne by the customer. If the customer prefers, the District will furnish and install the meter vault at the applicant’s expense or provide advice and inspection for their own contractor.

Since the meter vault is owned by the customer, he/she is responsible for its replacement, relocation, if required, and maintenance. Protection against freezing is a customer maintenance responsibility. Since extreme cold weather may cause the meter or pipes to freeze, proper insulation is important. The unfrozen ground at the bottom of the meter vault provides a natural heat source; therefore, the underside of the meter must be left open and insulation should only be placed on top of the meter and down along the inside wall of the vault a distance of approximately one foot.

Note: In October of 1984, this Policy was mailed to all area plumbers and to all customers who owned meter boxes at that time.