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Cross Connection Policy

Cross Connections.

Pursuant to Chapter 620 of the Commission’s Rules, no cross connection between the public water supply system and any other supply will be allowed unless properly protected, based upon the Maine Cross Connection Control Rules and the Maine Internal Plumbing Code. No new cross connection may be installed without the express, written approval of the District.  In addition, no connection will be permitted capable of causing back flow, including back siphonage or back pressure, between the public water supply system and any plumbing fixture, device or appliance, or between any waste outlet or pipe having direct connection to waste drains.  If the Owner of such a connection fails or refuses to discontinue or properly protect the cross connection within a time limit specified by the District, the District may disconnect the service according to Chapter 660 of the Commission’s Rules.  If an Owner requests that service be shut off for any routine repairs, maintenance, seasonal reason, etc., the District will not restore service unless there is proper backflow prevention in place.