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AMI Winter Meter Removal

As you all know by now, KKW has invested in the latest technology of meters and remote meter reading capabilities.  There are some procedural changes you need to be aware of to ensure our equipment is handled properly.

Procedure for Winterizing AMI Meters on site

*** This process is ONLY for our new AMI meters ***

When turning off the water at a property, there are two options for clearing water out of an AMI meter to safeguard it against damage from freezing.


  1. Leaving the Meter in Place: Blow directly through the meter while is it still plumbed in the meter horn.  This is our preferred method because the meter does not have to be removed from the meter horn and reinstalled later, eliminating the possibility of a backwards installation.


  1. Removing and Securing the Meter: Before removing the meter from the meter horn, mark the meter with arrows to indicate the proper flow direction.  This will eliminate the potential for a backwards installation when the meter is reinstalled.  Dump all of the water out of the meter and cap the end connections to prevent dust or debris from entering the meter.  We recommend setting it back on the meter horn or hanging it on the meter horn with a zip tie.  Again, please make note of the direction the meter should be reinstalled.


These new meters stay at the property for the life of the meter.  NEVER cut the wires or otherwise cause damage to them as the homeowner will be financially responsible for replacing the meter and billed for the cost of the meter.